Fábrica de Cortes Fox

We are leaders providers of Upper shoe, leather and synthetic cutting and stitching services  since 1970.

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In Fábrica de Cortes Fox we offer solutions for world-class companies of the  leather-footwear, automotive and leather goods sectors.

Why should I make Fábrica de Cortes Fox my ally?

In Fábrica de Cortes Fox we count on with the technology,

machinery, quality, infrastructure and the necessary

systems to produce 25,000 upper shoes

weekly with the highest quality standards.

[icon_text icon_type=”circle” icon_size=”fa-5x” text=”Our services are certificated with ISO 9001:2008.” icon_border_color=”#666666″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#666666″ image=”1377″ text_color=”#232323″]
[icon_text icon_type=”circle” icon_size=”fa-5x” text=”46 years of experience.” icon_border_color=”#666666″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#666666″ image=”1376″ text_color=”#232323″]
[icon_text icon_type=”circle” icon_size=”fa-5x” text=”Our production capacity is for more than 1,600,000 minutes per week.” icon_border_color=”#666666″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#666666″ image=”1374″ text_color=”#232323″]
[icon_text icon_type=”circle” icon_size=”fa-5x” text=”Our staff is highly trained and experienced.” icon_border_color=”#666666″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#666666″ image=”1375″ text_color=”#232323″]
[icon_text icon_type=”circle” icon_size=”fa-5x” text=”We count on with specialized machinery.” icon_border_color=”#666666″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#666666″ image=”1373″ text_color=”#232323″]

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In Fábrica de Cortes Fox we offer solutions for world-class companies.

Why Fábrica de Cortes Fox?

In Fábrica de Cortes Fox we help our customers the reach their goals with our upper shoe cutting and stitching solutions.

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